President’s Message
Message from the President

Read a message from the president of Hino Motors.

Company Overview
Corporate Information

Basic information on Hino Motors, including its address, founding capital and performance.

Board of Directors

Meet our directors and board members, from the president down.

Our Philosophy
Hino Credo

The philosophy at Hino Group, a group of companies that makes commercial vehicles including trucks and buses.

Hino’s Action Guidelines
HINO Code of Conduct

Action guidelines followed by every Hino employee, both at work and in our daily lives.

HINO Symbol Mark

Read about the passion that went into the Hino Motors logo.

Hino Emblems
HINO Emblem

A history of the Hino emblems that have “taken wings” in a variety of forms over the years.

History of HINO

Read the history of Hino Motors, beginningin 1910.

Facilities and Offices in Japan
Domestic Office & Dealers

A list of Hino Motors facilities and offices in Japan.

Facilities and Offices Overseas
Overseas Offices

A list of Hino Motors facilities and offices overseas.

Hino Group Suppliers
The HINO Group

A list of Hino Group companies and suppliers.

HINO and the Toyota Group
HINO & the Toyota Group

Read about Hino’s relationship with Toyota.

The Corporate Profile
The Corporate Profile