Corporate Information

Company Name Hino Motors, Ltd.
Headquarters 1-1 Hinodai 3-chome, Hino-shi, Tokyo
Founded August 1, 1910
Established May 1, 1942
Paid-in Capital 72,717 million yen*
Number of Shares Issued 574,580,850 shares*
Representative Director President & CEO, Member of the Board - Yoshio Shimo
Number of employees 32,111(consolidated)*
12,622 (non-consolidated)*
Products Trucks and buses, light-commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles (commissioned from Toyota Motor Corporation), various types of engines, spare parts, etc.
Net sales 1,683,720 million yen (consolidated)**
1,215,819 million yen (non-consolidated)**
Operating income 71,178 million yen (consolidated)**
23,846 million yen (non-consolidated)**
Ordinary income 72,042 million yen (consolidated)**
32,191 million yen (non-consolidated)**
Net income 49,408 million yen (consolidated)**
25,669 million yen (non-consolidated)**

* As of March 31, 2017
** Fiscal Year April 2016-March 2017