Message from the President

The president of Hino Motors, Yoshio Shirai

As a maker of commercial vehicles, we at Hino Motors strive to achieve harmony with the environment as we continue to provide our customers with safe and efficient trucks and buses.

Trucks are indispensable as a means for transporting essentials for our day to day lives as well as other items that enrich our lives, and buses play a vital role in transporting people to their destinations.

We feel joy and pride in being a company that manufactures products that support the daily lives of all people.

Furthermore, we are moving to position Hino as a global brand.
To this end, we carry out production and sales operations in various countries around the world to provide products that are best suited for and deliver better services to each market.

We are committed to delivering the "value" that only Hino is able to provide to our customers around the world and fulfilling our responsibilities
as a global manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

Yoshio Shirai

Yasuhiko Ichihashi
President, Member of the Board
Hino Motors, Ltd.