Message from the President

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Yasuhiko Ichihashi, President and Representative Director

Hino Motors recognizes that its customer base extends far beyond those valued individuals, companies and institutions that purchase trucks and buses — it encompasses the general public and society as a whole. This is because trucks dependably deliver to wide-ranging markets the essential clothing, food and housing products as well as luxury items that enrich people’s lives, while buses broadly serve as a core mode of transportation.

Guided by the HINO Credo and the corporate mission “to make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go ― safely, economically and with environmental responsibility ― while focusing on sustainable development,” Hino Motors maintains a responsible balance with global environmental protection and contributes to the economic development of the local communities that it serves in its activities of developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing trucks and buses.

With the growing interest in low-carbon lifestyles around the world, Hino Motors recognizes that it can help drive economic growth as a commercial vehicle manufacturer by providing commercial vehicles that every region of the world needs—trucks and buses with better mileage, greater dependability, and more efficient transport capabilities.

In other words, when customers choose our unique products and services offered worldwide, we help promote low-carbon lifestyles by reducing CO2 emissions and contribute to each society by supporting efforts to revitalize the economy.

Turning to issues of safety and comfort, Hino Motors continues to enhance its technological capabilities for pre-crash safety and accident prevention systems. Adopting the widest possible perspective, we are endeavoring to improve driver environments to reduce driver fatigue and to step up support for driver training. In this manner, Hino Motors is making every effort to address wide-ranging issues relating to driving safety.

Hino Motors is dedicated to being a company that achieves sustainable growth as a good corporate citizen. Toward this end, all members and companies of the Hino Group are working to realize the HINO Credo and meet the expectations of stakeholders.

Yasuhiko Ichihashi, President and Representative Director, Hino Motors, Ltd.
Hino Motors’ Principal Stakeholders
Hino Motors’ Principal Stakeholders