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The HINO Credo and Hino Motors’ Fundamental Stance toward CSR

Hino Motors established the HINO Credo in July 2007 after reviewing its corporate philosophy, announced in 1992, based on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective. The Hino Credo specifically quotes its Corporate Mission: “To make the world a better place live by helping people and goods get where they need to go―safety, economically and with environmental responsibility―while focusing on sustainable development.”

The HINO Credo consists of three core components: the “Corporate Mission,” the “Core Principles” and the “CSR Charter.” The Corporate Mission clearly defines the Group’s obligations and responsibilities toward society. The Core Principles provide the guidelines, and the CSR Charter articulates the Group’s goals and aspirations. Hino Motors engages in a wide spectrum of CSR activities, working diligently to promote increased awareness and understanding of the CSR Guidelines and its activities throughout the Group worldwide.

HINO Credo

Scope of Hino Motors’ CSR Activities and CSR Guidelines

In an effort to better realize the HINO Credo, Hino Motors formulated its CSR Guidelines in fiscal 2008, organizing its CSR activities into three domains: first, corporate ethics and social responsibility, which provide a basis for risk management and legal compliance; second, business-based social contribution activities; and third, non-business-based social contribution activities.

Scope of Hino Motors’ CSR Activities based on CSR Guidelines
Scope of Hino Motors’ CSR Activities and CSR Guidelines

Hino Motors’ Principal Stakeholders

Hino Motors believes that the purpose of CSR activities is “to meet social expectations and ensure sustainable development in concert with society.” In every facet of its daily activities, Hino Motors will work steadily to fulfill its responsibilities to all stakeholders.

Hino Motors’ Principal Stakeholders

CSR Promotion Structure

Hino Motors has positioned CSR as a key component of its overall operations and management. When appropriate, the Management Committee, chaired by the president and representative director, or the Operating Officers’ Meeting, approve and report on CSR activity action plans as well as initiatives that serve to enhance Hino Motors’ efforts in addressing CSR issues and measures designed to promote consensus throughout the Group.

In addition, activities carried out in the previous fiscal year are reviewed annually, and goals are set for initiatives under management plans for the next fiscal year. Hino Motors also works to increase awareness of the Hino Credo and CSR Guidelines within the Company as it promotes activities in line with related policies.

Examples of exemplary CSR activities and social contributions made by the Company are regularly published in company newsletters to raise awareness of CSR among employees.

To help CSR activities make more progress on a group-wide level, Hino Motors is strengthening its networking activities with all group companies. Hino Motors organizes workshops for managers and lectures on CSR for its executive managers as well as those of group companies with the goals of boosting their motivation and enhancing group-wide CSR activities.

Hino Motors corporate governance structure and systems