The HINO spirit races through the Dakar Rally.



Silk Way Rally 2016 ―Test the HINO500 Series― NEW



Dakar Rally 2016 ―HINO TEAM SUGAWARA image movie―


Dakar Rally 2016 ―HINO500 Series / 25 straight finishes―

Hino won its seventh consecutive championship in the Under 10-litre Class in the Trucks category, and also achieved its 25th consecutive finish. The rally held in Argentina and Bolivia from January 2 through January 16.


Hino Team Sugawara Holds Dakar Rally 2016 Entry Announcement

HINO TEAM SUGAWARA held a Dakar Rally 2016 entry announcement event at Hino Motors headquarters.


HINO500 Series Delivers Spirited Performance -The Heartbeat of Dakar Rally 2016-

August 9 to 16 in Mongolia, HINO TEAM SUGAWARA entered Rally Mongolia 2015 for the test of the "HINO500 Series"(Car 2). Learning and building on this experience gained in the real-world testing grounds of Mongolia, the HINO500 Series will be taking on the challenge of winning its 7th straight championship in the Under 10-litre Class.