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August 21, 2017



Team Enters HINO500 Series Car 1 in Rally Mongolia

Soon after their return from the Silk Way Rally, HINO TEAM SUGAWARA departed for Mongolia to take part in Rally Mongolia held from Aug. 13th to the 20th. In what will be their second summer training under real-world conditions, the team aims to conduct thorough testing on their HINO500 Series Car 1, and build up their capabilities in preparation for the Dakar Rally.

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Aug. 7: HINO TEAM SUGAWARA departs for Ulan Bator, Mongolia to enter Rally Mongolia. Upon their arrival, mechanics checked for damages to their HINO500 Series Car 1 that was transported via China.Racing equipment was also installed to the truck to prepare for the rally.

Aug. 9: The team's HINO500 Series Car 1 undergoes a test run on Mongolian soil to test the vibration absorption performance of its new suspension system. While Yoshimasa Sugawara, the driver of the truck has had a long history of racing in Rally Mongolia, he has been racing in a different vehicle in the past and this will actually be his first time racing the rally on a HINO500 Series truck. Yoshimasa Sugawara was happy with the results of the test run so we can expect him to deliver amazing performance in the rally.

We spoke with the driver, navigator, and mechanics on their determination in taking part in this rally. Thank you in advance for your support for the team!


Yoshimasa Sugawara, Driver:
For this race, we replaced the tapered long suspensions, which is the mainstream now, with traditional multi-leaf suspensions. I was a bit concerned before the run, but I feel very comfortable having finished the test run here in Mongolia because the suspensions delivered the performance they were designed for. I have been involved with Rally Mongolia for the past 21 years but I have been entering on a smaller vehicle up till now. I am very excited to be able to drive this large HINO500 Series truck for the first time this year. Mitsugu Takahashi, my navigator, also knows the Mongolian terrain very well, so this rally will be a testing grounds for us heading into the Dakar Rally next year. We intend to take the truck through its paces and evaluate it in depth.

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Mitsugu Takahashi, Navigator:
We have been making thorough preparations on the truck coming into the Rally Mongolia. We took it on a test run on Aug. 9 and were very happy to learn that our preparations have paid off and the truck performed without a glitch. We changed the suspensions this year based on Mr. Sugawara's request and I have a very good feeling for it based on our extensive test run. We intend to test the truck thoroughly in this rally in preparation for the main event in the Dakar Rally. I am also very comfortable with leaving the servicing work to our mechanics as they have undergone training in the Silk Way Rally.

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Yoichi Okabe, Mechanic Sub-Leader (Vehicle Planning & Production Engineering Div., Hino Motors):
We conducted a test run here in Mongolia on Aug. 9 and were very happy with the great feedback on the truck's performance that we received from its driver, Mr. Sugawara. Car 1 has a different construction from Car 2 that we entered in the Silk Way Rally, so we intend to learn the characteristics of this truck through this rally as part of our preparations for the Dakar Rally.

Hideaki Takatori, Mechanic (Vehicle Planning & Production Engineering Div., Hino Motors):
Safety for all team members will be the foremost thing for me. And I intend to do my part as a member of a coherent team so that we are able to service the HINO500 Series truck properly and make sure that it is in the best condition to compete in the race.

Yuki Takano, Mechanic (Hino Motors Gunma):
I will make sure to learn the characteristics of Car 1 in preparation for the Dakar Rally, and also get used to the Mongolian climate so that I can deliver my best performance as a member of the team.

Hiroki Kinoshita, Mechanic (Hino Motors Yokohama):
There are many differences between the Silk Way Rally and Rally Mongolia, so I will make sure to get used to the Mongolian environment as well as the atmosphere of the rally so that I can deliver my best performance.

Aiichiro Yamauchi, Mechanic (Hino Motors Toyama):
I will make sure to learn the structural differences between Car 1 that we will be entering in Rally Mongolia, and Car 2 that we serviced in the Silk Way Rally so that I will be ready to properly service either truck in the Dakar Rally. So I intend to make the best of this opportunity to service this truck in this rally.

Ryota Shibutani, Mechanic (Hino Motors Kobe):
We entered Car 2 in the Silk Way Rally and will be entering Car 1 in Rally Mongolia. I intend to make the best of this opportunity in Rally Mongolia to learn the differences between this truck and Car 2 as we prepare for the Dakar Rally.

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