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Dakar Rally 2018 Peru-Bolivia-Argentina

The Dakar Rally 2018 will be a commemorative event as it will be the 40th Dakar Rally, and the 10th event since its relocation to South America.

The Dakar Rally 2018 is scheduled to travel through three countries: Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Peru will be hosting the rally for the first time in five years since 2013. Kicking off in Lima, the capital city of Peru, the race will take the teams southward in the Andes towards Bolivia, and skirt the shores of Lake Titicaca before a rest day on Jan. 12 at La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia at an elevation of 3600 m. The contestants will then traverse Bolivia from north to south, eventually reaching the finish line at Cordoba, the second-largest city in Argentina. The entire rally will be made up of a total of 14 stages. What stands out in this race is that it will involve two loop course stages (where the start and finish lines are set up at the same bivouac), and a marathon stage (where crews race two stages back to back with no support from assistance vehicles at the intervening bivouac).

The entire course will feature the diverse terrains of these three countries, confronting the teams with high altitudes and dunes, and is expected to be another extremely grueling rally.


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Date Stage Start Finish Total SS
Sat. Jan. 6 Stage 1 Lima, Peru Pisco 272 31
Sun. Jan. 7 Stage 2 Pisco Pisco 278 267
Mon. Jan. 8 Stage 3 Pisco San Juan de Marcona 502 295
Tue. Jan. 9 Stage 4 San Juan de Marcona San Juan de Marcona 444 330
Wed. Jan. 10 Stage 5 San Juan de Marcona Arequipa 932 267
Thur. Jan. 11 Stage 6 Arequipa La Paz, Bolivia 758 313
Fri. Jan. 12 Rest day La Paz  
Sat. Jan. 13 Stage 7 La Paz Uyuni 669 368
Sun. Jan. 14 Stage 8 Uyuni Tupiza 558 380
Mon. Jan. 15 Stage 9 Tupiza Salta, Argentina 754 242
Tue. Jan. 16 Stage 10 Salta Belen 795 372
Wed. Jan. 17 Stage 11 Belen Chilecito 746 280
Thur. Jan. 18 Stage 12 Chilecito San Juan 791 522
Fri. Jan. 19 Stage 13 San Juan Cordoba 927 368
Sat. Jan. 20 Stage 14 Cordoba Cordoba 284 119
Total (km) 8,710 4,154