Racing Trucks

The trucks HINO races in the Dakar Rally - the "Little Monsters".

Based on the HINO500 Series trucks that are known for their world-class durability, these mid-sized racing trucks continue to fight fiercely against larger monster camions powered by engines with more than twice the displacement of the 500 Series engine. This is why these trucks, nicknamed "little monsters," have instilled fear and awse in their rivals. These trucks are currently being maximized the potential inherent in HINO trucks so that they will be ready to take on the race.

The two HINO500 Series trucks that the team will be fielding in the Dakar Rally 2018 are upgraded versions of trucks that delivered solid performance in the 2017 event. The suspensions on Car 1 piloted by Yoshimasa Sugawara has been replaced by highly reliable multi-leaf suspensions that the team has being using on its trucks since it first entered the rally. The transfer on Car 2 driven by Teruhito Sugawara has been replaced with a model rated for higher output, and the rear differential only has been replaced with an LSD*. The truck’s frame and rear body have been given additional reinforcements to improve its durability at high speeds. The team has clearly delineated specific roles for their two trucks: Emphasis on durability and reliability for Car 1, and high output and speed for Car 2. As part of their summer training, Car 2 raced in the Silk Way Rally, and Car 1 in the Rally Mongolia, which gave HINO TEAM SUGAWARA confirmation of the performance of their trucks. In the upcoming Dakar Rally 2018, the team will be aiming to finish in fifth place or higher overall in the Trucks category.

* LSD (limited-slip differential): A differential gear unit with a function for transmitting driving force to one tire even if the other tire loses traction





In taking on the challenge of improving the output of Car 2’s engine for the 2018 event―the fifth year since the A09C engine, one of Hino Motor’s flagship engines, made its debut in the Dakar Rally―the team was confronted with difficult tradeoff conditions between durability and greater engine output. Thanks to the combination of modified turbo characteristics and a camshaft that improves the engine’s intake efficiency, the engine can now intake large amounts of air while keeping turbo rotations relatively low. This improvement allows the engine to deliver high outputs over its entire rev range from low to high revs while maintaining excellent reliability, not only on flat terrain but also in the highland stages that are characteristic of the Dakar Rally. The engine now has a maximum output of 700 ps.



HINO TEAM SUGAWARA’s two HINO500 Series trucks each have completely different suspension systems. Car 1’s suspension was replaced with traditional multi-leaf suspensions, and Car 2 is equipped with tuned, next-gen taper-leaf springs. Although the characteristics of these suspension constructions may appear to be the exact opposite of each other at first glance, the team has confirmed during their summer training that both of these accommodate the driving characteristics of each driver to smoothly absorb shocks from extremely uneven and rough terrain. Additionally, for the first time, Car 2’s rear axle has been redesigned to keep its steering angle at zero when it makes turns. The truck now behaves more stably under abrupt steering input while cornering, and this helps to improve its cornering speed.


Dakar Rally 2018 HINO500 Series truck specs

  Car 1 Car 2
● Engine  
Engine model A09C-TI (w/turbo intercooler)
Engine type 6-cylinder, 4-cycle inline diesel
Displacement 8.866L
Max output/rev 670ps / 2,300rpm 700ps / 2,400rpm
Max torque/rev 236kgm / 1,200rpm 236kgm / 1,200rpm
● Drive train    
Drive type Part-time AWD Full-time AWD
Transmission 6-speed forward, 1-speed reverse
Transfer w/Hi-Lo range switching
Tires XZL+ 14.00R20
● Chassis    
Gross vehicle weight 7,300kg 7,600kg
Length 6,290mm 6,370mm
Width 2,500mm 2,500mm
Height 3,150mm 3,150mm
Wheel base 3,890mm 3,970mm
Fuel tank 700L



Assisting camion HINO700 Series ZS

The HINO700 Series, HINO's world-class large trucks, are used to support the racing trucks, the transport of spare parts, and mechanics. The assisting truck is operated by “Japan Racing Management” and travels the bivouacs with mechanics riding in the truck that they are in charge of. One cannot keep one's eyes off of these trucks, either.