November 30, 2018

Hino Sustainability Report 2018 Released

  Hino Motors, Ltd. released the Hino Sustainability Report 2018*1 (formerly the CSR Report) on November 30, 2018, on the Hino official website.
  The content of the report has been completely revamped. The new report details Hino’s unique CSR initiatives to build a sustainable society and includes reports from young employees and others on the front lines of these activities in order to share Hino’s appeal and dynamism as a company.

- Major Components and Overview -

1. Top Interview
An interview with President & CEO and Representative Director Yoshio Shimo introduces top management’s views and aims in terms of how Hino is an integral part of society, and how CSR activities are helping the company to achieve its goals and realize sustainable growth.

2. The HINO Credo & Course of Action
Designed to realize the Hino corporate mission of “making the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get to where they need to go—safely, economically and with environmental responsibility—while focusing on sustainable development.” this section introduces the company’s slogan of “Trucks and buses that do more,” as well as Hino’s “Three Goals” (best-fit products incorporating safety and environmental technologies, Total Support customized for each vehicle, and new activity areas). It also includes the views and opinions of young employees who represent the future of the company.

3. Special Feature: CSR Initiatives Unique to Hino
The Special Feature section introduces initiatives in Japan and overseas that epitomize Hino’s approach to business, working to resolve the issues that face customers in their daily business, and in so doing contribute to both customers and society.
  ・Domestic: Working with Customers to Revitalize Communities
                  ~Sharing in the Joys of Life on Minami Daito Island - As a Member
                  of the Community on“Sugar Cane Island” - ~
  ・Overseas: Measures to Support Regional Distribution and Logistics
                  ~Origins of “Total Support”~

4. ESG Initiatives
    Environment :Introduces the status of progress of the Hino Environmental Challenge
                       2050*2 and specific examples of improvements achieved in efforts towards
                       the realization of Hino’s challenging long-term environmental goals in the
                       truck and bus business that has such close links to society.

    Social          :Introduces examples of Hino’s initiatives in the highly topical areas of
                        health management and work-style reform, and featuring interviews with
                        young employees involved in work that supports the foundations of Hino’s
                        business, who talk about their motivations and dreams.

    Governance :Introduces initiatives in corporate governance, compliance and
                       risk management, and the current status of Hino’s corporate governance
                       and the direction for the future from outside perspectives of Hino’s
                       Outside Directors.

The report is available only in electronic format on the Hino official website (in Japanese and English).
The URL of the Hino official website is as follows:
  Japanese  :
  English  :

Hino welcome your candid comments and opinions for this report.
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*1   Hino Sustainability Report 2018 :
This is the new name for the former CSR Report. It details Hino’s social contribution and ESG activities to date, while also providing greater detail about Hino’s initiatives for building a sustainable society.

*2   Hino Environmental Challenge 2050 :
Announced in October 2017, this initiative sets out Hino’s long-term environmental goals, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of business activities to zero by 2050.