HINO 700 Series Dump Truck (Reference Vehicle, Export-Specification Model)

HINO 700 Series Dump Truck

This is one of the super-heavy-duty dump trucks that are being used at a mining operation in Indonesia.
This truck is capable of transporting large amounts of resources at a time of supporting peoplefs livelihoods.

Export-specification model exhibited for the first time in Japan
This is one of Hino's largest trucks that can sometimes be seen working 24 hours a day hauling loads equal to 35 passenger cars.*

*Maximum loading weight: 35 tons

Exhibition HINO 700 Series Dump Truck


The sight from the driver's seat is amazing. You can board the cab from a set of stairs that is designed to give a feel of the mining site.
Please come and feel the sense of power that you will not experience on other vehicles.

HINO 700 Series Dump TruckHINO 700 Series Dump Truck

HINO 700 Series Dump Truck movie
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