August 7, 2008

Hino relocates and expands its used vehicle center for the Kanto area

Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) has relocated its used vehicle business operations from Mizuho-machi, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo to Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture, transferring the headquarters and used vehicle center of its used vehicle business subsidiary, Hino U-Truck, Ltd. (HUT), in order to increase the number of used vehicles in its stock and its supply volume.

The primary objectives of Hino’s used vehicle center are, a) to stock a large volume of vehicles for retail sales and b) to allow its domestic sales company to easily procure trucks and buses in order to fully comply with their customers’ requests.

As it has been anticipated that the demand of new vehicles may be reduced in Japan, Hino opened its used vehicle center in Kobe as an outlet for the Kansai Area in December 2006, with a view to expanding it as one of Hino’s core businesses. Although two outlets have been created, including the Mizuho Used Vehicle Center for the Kanto area, as the scale of the Mizuho Used Vehicle Center which could stock approximately 120 units was relatively small to cover the whole Kanto area in which the scale of the used vehicle market and the supply volume were large, the number of vehicles in stock was increased to approximately 300 units by relocating it to Hidaka-shi.

The relocation to Hidaka Used Vehicle Center at this time enables Hino to increase the supply volume of used vehicles to its sales company, and allows its customers to easily select a desirable used trucks and buses.


 The profile of “Hidaka Used Vehicle Center, Hino U-Truck, Ltd.”

1. Address: 689-1, Kamikayama, Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture.
2. Stock area: 11,000 m2

3. Used vehicle stock volume: A maximum volume of 300 units


 The profile of “Hino U-Truck, Ltd.”

1. Address of headquarters: 689-1, Kamikayama, Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture.
2. Representative: Kozo Tsuchiya,President
3. Establishment: April 1, 2003
4. Capital: 450 million yen (Hino 100%)
5. Business: Sales of used vehicles and used parts, used vehicle auctions, etc.
6. Sales: 3.9 billion yen (Fiscal Year 2007)
7. Sales volume: 1,860 units (Fiscal Year 2007)