September 25, 2008

Hino adds a "Pro Shift 6" equipped version to its line of the "Hino Ranger" medium-duty trucks

This is the first time Hino will add this version to its medium-duty trucks - it will enable easier driving and lower fuel consumption

Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) has added a “Pro Shift 6” version equipped with an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) to its payload 4-ton class “Hino Ranger” medium-duty series and has just launched it. This vehicle will only be sold in Japan.

The “Pro Shift 6” automatically selects gears within optimal fuel efficiency ranges by electronically controlling clutch and 6-speed manual transmission. It enables easier driving as it only uses two pedals, the accelerator and the brake. This also reduces the fluctuating driving fuel efficiency. The “Pro Shift 6” reduces power transmission loss and excels in fuel efficiency compared with conventional versions.

The main models of medium-duty truck Hino Ranger series which conform to the 2015 Fuel Efficiency Standards for heavy vehicles in Japan, receive high ratings among major delivery models used in cities and suburban areas. The “Pro Shift 6” was, therefore, added to this vehicle type at this time.

Hino has already been selling heavy-duty trucks equipped with the “Pro Shift 7, 12, and 16” since 2000.
Hino will continue to launch such trucks and buses that could be of help to customers in the future.