Oct 13, 2017

HINO Motors will exhibit five vehicles, including the new HINO700 Series and HINO Poncho EV, at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 to introduce the advanced environmental and safety technology of commercial vehicles and Hino’s ideas for logistics of the future

    Hino Motors Co., Ltd. (“Hino”) will exhibit five vehicles, including the new generation HINO700 Series, the HINO500 Series, and the small-sized HINO Poncho EV community bus, as well as two engines, at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight venue from Friday, October 27, to Sunday, November 5. (Organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association).

    Hino’s theme for the exhibition is "Trucks And Buses That Do More”. This theme incorporates Hino’s desire to convey people and goods more efficiently and safely, and to be more useful in supporting people's lives. Alongside exhibits of actual vehicles, Hino will also present exhibits to help visitors understand Hino’s advanced environmental and safety technologies and its efforts to support vehicle operations. Hino will also introduce its thinking about the future of logistics and human mobility via appealing video. The Hino stand is located in East Hall 1, Tokyo Big Sight.


Overview of Hino Exhibits

1. HINO700 Series (Japan model, commercially available)

     A heavy-duty truck that has undergone its first comprehensive model change in 14 years—the new HINO700 Series. Both interior and exterior have been changed, and its already well-regarded safety and economic efficiency have been further improved to comply with 2016 emission standards.
The vehicle features advanced safety equipment such as the PCS* pre-collision damage mitigation braking system capable of detecting pedestrians and a lane departure warning system provided as standard equipment. By downsizing the main 279kW (380PS) engine from 13L to 9L, Hino has achieved substantial weight saving.
This is a truck that drivers love to drive—a truck that earns its keep.

Main specifications

Model HINO700 Series 2RG-FW1AXHG (Japan model)
Engine model A09C
Displacement (L) 8.866
Transmission type Automatic transmission, 12 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height, mm) 11,970×2,490×3,780
Seating capacity

     *PCS is a registered trademark of Toyota Motor Corporation.


2. HINO500 Series (Japan model, commercially available)

     Having undergone comprehensive changing for the first time in 16 years, at the same time as the HINO700 Series, the new HINO500 Series is a medium-sized truck modified to comply with 2016 emission standards.
With completely restyled exterior and interior, the HINO500 Series is equipped with the same advanced safety equipment as the HINO700 Series as standard. All engines were downsized to 5 liters and fuel efficiency was improved.

Main specifications

Model HINO500 Series 2PG-FE2APBG (Japan model)
Engine model A05C
Displacement (L) 5.123
Transmission type Automatic transmission, 7 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height, mm) 9,680×2,490×3,570
Seating capacity


3. HINO300 Series Hybrid (wide cab) (Japan model, commercially available)

     The HINO300 Series Hybrid light-duty truck was made popular in the Hino no niton (Hino 2-ton trucks) TV commercial.
     Boasting top sales performance for a light-duty hybrid truck, the HINO300 Series Hybrid is equipped with a new six-speed automatic transmission in a wide-cab car. Hybrid system control and fuel economy and drivability have also been improved. The HINO300 series boasts the lowest fuel consumption in its class at 13.2 km/L*.

Main specifications

Model HINO300 Series Hybrid TSG-XKU712M (Japan model)
Engine model N04C-UL
Displacement (L) 4.009
Transmission type Automatic transmission, 6 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height, mm) 6,180×2,180×2,270
Seating capacity 3 (in the case of the exhibition vehicle)
Motor output 36kW
Battery Nickel–metal hydride 288V/6.5Ah

     *Values are for heavy vehicles mode


4. HINO Poncho EV (reference exhibit: vehicle on limited sale)

     The HINO Poncho is the only light-duty non-step community bus in Japan. This EV bus replaces the diesel engine with an electric motor.
This model is already operating in Tokyo’s Sumida and Hamura cities, as well as the city of Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture. It operates based on a high-frequency charging concept, whereby it is charged about once every 10 km along its operating route, and has achieved great performance. When driving, it runs quietly and emits no CO2, which keeps both passengers and local residents happy.

Main specifications

Model HINO Poncho EV SKG-HX9JLB (remodeled)
Motor output 200kW
Battery Lithium ion Approx. 30kWh
Dimensions (length x width x height, mm) 6,990×2,080×3,100
Seating capacity 36 (11 seated, 24 standing, 1 crew)
Total vehicle weight (Kg) 7,775


5. HINO500 Series competed in Dakar Rally 2014 (reference exhibit)

     The HINO500 Series has entered the Dakar Rally 26 consecutive times since its first race in 1991, earning a record of continuous finishes. It is a symbol of Hino's challenge-loving mindset and outstanding durability. The vehicle on exhibit competed in the Dakar Rally in 2014 with driver Teruhito Sugawara at the wheel, winning the championship in the Under 10-Liter class. At the gallery here, Hino will exhibit its past award-winning trophies.

Main specifications

Model HINO500 Series
Engine model J08C-TI
Displacement (L) 7.961
Transmission type Manual transmission, 6 speeds, with auxiliary transmission
Dimensions (length x width x height, mm) 6,150×2,420×3,050
Seating capacity
Total vehicle weight (Kg) 6,700


6. Engine exhibits

     Hino presents actual exhibits of two engines combining high efficiency and low fuel consumption.
The A09C engine is a downsized engine offering great environmental performance, intended mainly for heavy-duty vehicles. The A05C engine is based on the A09C engine, downsized for medium-duty vehicles. These state-of-the-art engines feature the world's first adoption of the Dimple Liner* as well as a two-stage turbocharger, ultra-high pressure common rail, and more.
The A09C engine is installed in the HINO700 Series and the HINO S’elega, while the A05C engine is installed in the HINO500 Series, the HINO Blue Ribbon Hybrid, and the HINO Melpha.

<A09C Engine>

<A05C Engine>

Main specifications

Engine specifications A09C A05C
Valve train OHC, 4-valve OHC, 4-valve
Combustion chamber 2 step Combustion
2 step Combustion
Injection system Common rail system Common rail system
Aspiration type 2-stage Turbocharging
System with 2-stage
Air-cooled intercooler
2-stage Turbocharging
System with intercooler
No. of cylinders
Bore x stroke (mm) 112×150 112×130
Displacement (L) 8.866 5.123
Rated output kW (ps)/rpm 279(380)/1,700 191(260)/2,300
Maximum torque N/m (kgf・m)/rpm 1,765(180)/1,100-1,400 882(90)/1,400

     *A mechanism to reduce resistance by forming dimples (small concavities) in the piston slide section of the cylinder liner.
        Dimple liners are a joint development with Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd.


7. Technical exhibits

     We will present a panel exhibit of an overview of Hino’s efforts toward and commitment to state-of-the-art environmental and safety technology.

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HINO700 Series
HINO500 Series
HINO300 Series Hybrid
HINO Poncho EV
HINO500 Series competed in Dakar Rally 2014
A09C Engine
A05C Engine

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