October 8, 2015

Hino Motors will exhibit six vehicles, including the fuel cell bus concept model, at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to present advanced environmental and safety technologies for commercial vehicles supporting our daily lives, and Hino’s efforts to support vehicle operations

Hino Motors Co., Ltd. (“Hino”) will exhibit six vehicles including a world-premiere fuel cell bus concept model, a heavy-duty hybrid truck, and a light-duty truck equipped with even more advanced safety technology, as well as two engines, at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight venue from Thursday October 29 to Sunday November 8. (Organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association).

Our theme for the exhibition is "Delivering your dreams. Our Passion.”. Together with people and objects, Hino’s trucks and buses transport our passion and dreams and help support people's lives. Alongside exhibits of actual vehicles, Hino will also offer panel exhibits to help visitors understand Hino’s advanced environmental and safety technologies and its efforts to support vehicle operations.


Hino Exhibition Overview

We will hold our exhibit in Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 1.

1. Fuel Cell Bus (exhibition vehicle for reference)

Concept model for the Fuel Cell Bus, as conceived by Hino.
The Fuel Cell Bus, which generates its own power using hydrogen as a fuel, features great environmental performance with zero CO2 emissions during travel, as well as providing an external power supply function. There are high hopes for this vehicle as a means of transportation to help build the hydrogen-powered society of the future, and as a member of the Toyota Group, Hino is furthering the technological development of the Fuel Cell Bus. At this motor show, underpinning the theme of “Mobility to Support a Livable Society" and considered from a universal design perspective, Hino is proposing a next-generation bus transportation system with a focus on the Fuel Cell Bus.

■Main specifications

Model Fuel Cell Bus
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 10,525×2,490×3,340

2. Hino Profia Hybrid (exhibition vehicle for reference) 

A hybrid truck based on our heavy-duty Hino Profia truck.
Hino’s hybrid technology, which boasts long years of experience, has now been adopted for heavy trucks. The original concept was in pursuit of fuel consumption for heavy trucks running long distances, with the hybrid technology used not only for vehicle travel but also to power the electric refrigeration system. With various features designed to reduce air resistance and a waste heat recovery power generation system, Hino is proud to introduce a wide range of technology for improving fuel efficiency.

■Main specifications

Model Hino Profia Hybrid
Engine model A09C
Displacement (L) 8.866
Transmission type AMT, 12 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 11,990×2,490×2,880
Seating capacity 3 (in the case of the exhibition vehicle)
Motor output 90kW

3. Hino Dutro Hybrid (fitted with Collision Damage Reduction Brake System) (exhibition vehicle for reference)

The Hino Dutro Hybrid, our best-selling light-duty hybrid truck, is equipped with a collision damage reduction brake. A further evolution of our collision damage reduction brake that has already become standard for heavy-duty trucks and large buses, this system not only helps avoids rear-end collisions with preceding vehicles, but now also supports collision avoidance with stopped vehicles and pedestrians. We are proud to introduce an eco-friendly light-duty truck that makes urban travel safer.

■Main specifications

Model Hino Dutro Hybrid
Engine model N04C-UL
Displacement (L) 4.009
Transmission type AMT, 5 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 6,680×3,030×2,190
Seating capacity 3 (in the case of the exhibition vehicle)
Motor output 36kW
Battery Nickel–metal hydride 288V/6.5Ah

4. Hino S’elega (commercially available)

The Hino S'elega is a large tour bus equipped with state-of-the-art safety technologies that provides a comfortable and safe journey. At this exhibition, visitors can experience the Driver Monitor safety feature that has already become standard, which warns the driver when his or her attention wanders by detecting facial orientation and whether the driver’s eyes are open or closed. At the same time, we will introduce some examples of our research and development aimed at further safety improvement.

■Main specifications

Model HINO S'elega
Engine model E13C
Displacement (L) 12.913
Transmission type Manual transmission, 6 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 11,990×2,490×3,750
Seating capacity 46 (44 passenger seats, no auxiliary seats, 2 crew seats)
Gross vehicle weight (Kg) 15,330

5. Hino 500 Series (exhibition vehicle for reference)

Our latest overseas model, designed in pursuit of QDR (quality, durability, reliability) to support use in the harshest conditions.
As a commercially suitable vehicle designed to meet the combined needs of regions and countries around the world, the Hino 500 Series was first introduced on the market in Indonesia in January this year. It will continue to be optimized for various regions over the next few years, in order to expand its introduction to new markets. This Hino vehicle series is exclusively for sale overseas, and will not be encountered in Japan.

■Main specifications

Model HINO500 Series
Engine model J08E-WB
Displacement (L) 7.684
Transmission type Manual transmission, 9 speeds
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 8,695×2,490×2,770
Seating capacity 3 (in the case of the exhibition vehicle)
Gross vehicle weight (Kg) 16,000

6. Hino 500 Series Competed in Dakar Rally 2014 (exhibition vehicle for reference)

The Hino 500 Series has led the Hino team to record consecutive finishes from 24 starts in the Dakar Rally since its first entry in 1991. It is a symbol of Hino's spirit of challenge and outstanding durability. The truck on exhibit is the same vehicle that Teruhito Sugawara drove to victory in the under 10-liter class in the Dakar Rally 2014. We have also set up a gallery to exhibit our previous achievements, such as trophies we have been awarded in the past.

■Main specifications

Model HINO500 Series FT
Engine model J08C-TI
Displacement (L) 7.961
Transmission type Manual transmission, 6 speeds with sub transmission
Dimensions (length x width x height mm) 6,150×2,420×3,050
Seating capacity 2
Gross vehicle weight (Kg) 6,700

7. Engine Exhibits

We are proud to present some actual exhibits of two highly efficient, low fuel-consumption engines.
The A09C engine, mainly fitted in our heavy-duty Hino Profia truck, is a downsizing engine with outstanding environmental performance. Since its launch in early 2007, it has been highly acclaimed for its excellent fuel consumption and great reliability. The A05C engine was based upon the A09C engine, and is mainly used as a downsizing engine for medium-duty trucks. While its basic structure is the same, its world-first introduction of Dimple Texturing on Liner Surface* and an ultra-high pressure common rail system make this a more advanced engine. Aside from being fitted in the Hino Ranger FE (just released on October 1 this year), the A05C engine will also be fitted in the Hino Blue Ribbon Hybrid to be released on December 1 this year.

A09C Engine
A05C Engine

■Main specifications

Engine specifications A09C A05C
Valve train OHC, 4 valves OHC, 4 valves
Combustion chamber 2-step Combustion Chamber 2-step Combustion Chamber
Injection system Common rail system Common rail system
Aspiration type VG Turbocharger with Intercooler 2-stage Turbocharging System with Intercooler
No. of cylinders 6 4
Bore x stroke (mm) 112×150 112×130
Displacement (L) 8.866 5.123
Rated output kW (ps)/rpm 265(360)/1,800 184(250)/2,300
Maximum torque N・m (kg・m)/rpm 1,569(160)/1,100 834(85)/1,400

*Dimple Texturing on Liner Surface are a joint development with Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd.

8. Technical Exhibits

We will present a panel exhibit about Hino’s efforts toward and commitment to state-of-the-art environmental and safety technology.

9. Total Support Exhibit

We will present a panel exhibit about Hino’s various efforts to support the operation of trucks and buses.

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