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Hino, because there are reasons to be selected.

Trucks aren’t the only things HINO provides. One of HINO’s most important objectives is to create as many “reasons to be selected” whatever the product or service Hino provides, or where they are marketed, and to “create” relationships based on trust with our customers. In this section, we introduce the companies that operate HINO trucks to our readers. We would like to give you a glimpse of how HINO trucks serve our customers around the world by asking them their reasons for choosing HINO.

Hino Owner’s Voice -from HINO Cares Issue 031

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Republic of the Philippines / Calinog Bus Line (CBL)
Mr. Quirino Celeste Jr. / Chairman of the board
Ms. Maria Rose Celeste / President

We are Hooked on Hino Buses’ Excellent Performance.

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Republic of the Philippines / Inland Corporation
Ms. Maria Teresa R. Antonio / President

Extremely Happy with Hino.

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Republic of the Philippines / Omnico Consortium, Inc.
Mr. Joseph L. Chua / President

20 Years of Hino and We’re Still Very Satisfied.

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Colombia / I.R.C.C. El Corral
Mr. Carlos Arturo Betancourth / Logistics Manager

Hino Offers Vehicles with Specs and Performance that Best Fit Our Business.

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Colombia / Productos Ramo
Mr. Pablo Andrés Benavides / Logistics Director

We look forward to continuing to use Hino vehicles to deliver our products to our many customers.

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Colombia / Transportes Alianza
Mr. Rodrigo Pinzón / General Manager

Hino Has Minimized Our Vehicle Downtime.

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Taiwan / Taipei Bus Company, Ltd.
Mr. Po-wen Lee / Chairman

Hino is dedicated to fulfilling customer needs.

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Taiwan / SinDian Bus Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chun-Hsiung Chang / Chairman of the Board
Mr. Te-Wei Chou / Maintenance Manager

“I am confident we made the right decision in choosing Hino vehicles.”

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