This page is created for the express purpose of introducing initiatives by Hino Motors to satisfy the needs of customers.

Vol.1 JAPAN / Yokohama Branch, Minami-Kanto Hino Motors Ltd.
Shohei YOKOYAMA / Sales Department

I believe it’s important for clients to both like Hino vehicles and also like me, their sales consultant.

  • Unlike passenger vehicles, Hino vehicles are for the most part made to order. This means its extremely important for those of us in sales to understand how customers will be using vehicles and what they will be moving.

  • We often reference our clients’ current vehicles when we spec out new vehicles for them.
    We need to listen to their opinions and tease out what is important to them.
    We communicate well and clearly with customers so we can discover exactly what they want and need, even if we are meeting for the first time.

In my work, it’s important to understand the personality of the customer.
In that respect, I try to make it less like a job and emphasize the social aspect.

  • I think the tendency is to see the vehicle delivery as starting from zero.
    Rather, when I start talks seeking a sale, I see myself as starting from a negative position. So, I can take it to being a bit on the plus side of the spectrum, then I can convert it to an order.
    I deliver the vehicle with a trusting relationship in place and consistently follow up to make sure things are good.

  • Having a vehicle out of commission for even one day translates into a direct negative for the customer.

So for us in sales, it is very important that we have detailed discussions in advance to ensure that we can get vehicles back to them from service by the promised date when one comes into the shop.

Since we are the point of contact for customers,
it is important that we accurately convey the information from the customer to the technician.
It’s also key that we make sure the information flows both ways and convey what the tech says to the customer.

When this facility was completed, we would show around customers who brought their vehicles in to be serviced.

They would revel at some of the equipment. Some even said that being this well-equipped inspired confidence.
So, there is a major merit to being a service facility like this.

  • I think we are a friendly company.
    That said, when I visit customers without Hino vehicles, they sometimes have an image of Hino as high-end vehicles. That can be a bit of a hurdle at first.
    So, there can be a gap between myself and the preconceived notions of prospective customers. My job is to narrow that gap in a tactful manner.

Some customers call our products amazing and really tout the Hino brand.
It is important to conduct sales in a way that does this praise justice.

I am proud to be working at Hino, I want our customers to be proud to be riding in Hino vehicles, and I want to cherish the Hino brand moving forward.

Knowing the Customer Comes First