This page is created for the express purpose of introducing initiatives by Hino Motors to satisfy the needs of customers. 

Vol.2 JAPAN / Yokohama Branch, Minami-Kanto Hino Motors Ltd.
Hirotaka FUKUI / Service Department Manager

The important thing is to understand exactly what the customer wants.

If more information is needed, the technician speaks directly with the customer and verifies the issue with the service desk to ensure there are no mistakes.

  • The on-site tech will diagnose the issue and communicate and verify with the service desk or the customer what issue is likely causing the symptoms. They are careful to make sure they are addressing the customer concern because if they get that wrong, then the customer might come back saying the issue hasn’t been fixed.

We have cutting-edge facilities that makes servicing work easier to perform.

  • In addition, we have lifts that can lower vehicles below the floor.
    This makes for a higher degree of work safety.
    With hybrid vehicles servicing the battery means working on the roof.
    Normally, this would mean working higher up, but because we can drop the vehicle, the work is done at a lower and safer height.
    The lift can be lowered below the floor in three sections—the front, middle, and back.
    This also makes for easier work.

  • The number of Japanese technicians is shrinking and we are gettting more trainees from overseas.
    They do a good job of accurately and faithfully learning what they are taught, and get faster so that the time to service vehicles gets shorter.
    We mainly have them doing regular vehicle inspections but they are at a level that makes me want to train them to do even more.
    They are extremely important right now and I really hope they will stay with us over the long term.

When training them, we try not to give them the answers, but rather encourage them to think for themselves about how to approach a problem.
Then, they come back to their senior techs with ideas on how to tackle a specific situation.
This requires more time than the alternative, but if you don’t take this approach, the techs don’t grow.

Using the manuals is important, but there are times when going completely by the book won’t fix a problem.
We always focus on whether it is better to focus on sticking to the manual or giving techs lattitude to problem solve more freely.

Ultimately, safety is the top priority.
The most important thing is always working safely.

  • If someone is injured in an accident, we suffer and we inconvenience the customer. So, if we can work safely, then we can work smoothly.
    If there does happen to be an accident, we can review the camera footage and see what led to it and take steps to avoid a recurrence.

    We strive to have an open atmosphere with no rigid heirarchy of relationships, where work is fun and we lend an ear to junior techs.

I think we are a good place to work and an easy company to work for.

Knowing the Customer Comes First