Hino Total Support:
Supporting Customers Worldwide

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The ultimate aim of the Hino Total Support initiative and related activities is to be a true business partner to customers and to support their businesses. In this edition, we will be taking a look at a few of these activities.

Business Philosophy, Objective and Value

Hino Total Support is premised on one to one support that is tailored to meeting individual customer expectations and needs with the aim of contributing to the businesses of our customers from the moment they purchase a Hino truck or bus to the time they let it go.

Added Value for Customers in Two Areas:
Maximizing Uptime and Minimizing Lifetime Cost

By keeping customer trucks and buses operating in optimal condition, Hino Total Support strives to offer customers value on two fronts: maximizing vehicle uptime and minimizing lifetime cost. Maximizing uptime means reducing downtime due to breakdowns or repairs to ensure that vehicles are maintained in good condition so they are ready for customers to use when needed.

Minimizing lifetime cost means offering Hino’s signature high-quality service at a reasonable price to reduce running costs, increase resale value and help customers get the absolute most out of their Hino vehicles.

Hino Total Support: Supporting Customers Worldwide

New ICT* Service:The

*ICT stands for information and communication

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