The future of buses in daily life

Advanced Technology

Poncho EV bus

The Hino Poncho is Japan's only light-duty non-step community bus. This EV bus replaces the diesel engine with an electric motor.
It operates on the basis of the "high-frequency charging" concept, charging after each trip around an operating route of about 10 km, and has achieved a great performance record. When driving, it runs quietly without emitting CO2, keeping both passengers and local residents happy.

FCV(Fuel Cell Vehicle)

The SORA fuel cell bus by Toyota features a universal, human-centered design and function and is equipped with outstanding environmental performance to deliver the joy that only fuel cell vehicles can. Commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation to develop the SORA, Hino was mainly responsible for the design of the bus body and both interior and exterior design. The interior and exterior fittings for this next-generation bus and the universal design enabling all people to move freely have been highly praised, and the SORA was selected among the Good Design Best 100.
*Fuel cell vehicles (FCV) generate electricity through a chemical reaction of hydrogen with oxygen, which drives the motor that runs the vehicle. Because they do not emit exhaust gas when driving, they are considered environmentally friendly vehicles.

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