Hino’s Meister Vol.02

Fostering ‘Cool Maintenance
Professionals’ that can Succeed Globally

Mr. Yoshio Koide is the master of Hino’s so-called “Maintenance Dojo,” tasked with ensuring Hino’s plant facilities operate smoothly and in charge of training those who will be responsible for Hino’s facilities. Indeed, the work of these individuals goes beyond mere plant maintenance and repairing broken facilities and equipment.
It also includes taking action to problem-proof plants and prevent problems before they happen. Countless younger individuals have trained under Mr. Koide and used what they’ve learned to
support Hino’s production at various plants.
In the fall of 2017, the Japanese government recognized Mr. Koide’s efforts by presenting him with the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, an accolade that speaks to his straightforward character and the diligence he brings to his work.
This was only the most recent in a string of achievements and efforts to improve the working environment at Hino. In 1990, he received an award from the science and technology minister for the design and creation of an automated assembly device that was designed to ease the orkload of fellow workers.
Subsequent awards including for creativity in work and excellence in engineering paved the path to the crowning achievement of receiving the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 2017.

A Tokyo native, Mr. Koide lived in the city of Hino from elementary school to high school. As a boy he loved cars and trucks.
Being able to work in his hometown and for a renowned vehicle manufacturer
Fostering ‘Cool Maintenance Professionals’ that can Succeed Globally made going to work at Hino a natural fit for him.
As a child, he showed an affinity for machines and in high school he focused his studies on mechanics and machinery.
After joining Hino, he said he felt a little like fate was at work when he was assigned to the Machine Repair Department.
His entire career at Hino he has been involved in maintenance, tackling his work with confidence and valuing fresh ideas while being careful not to overthink things.
To keep up with the pace of the changing world and technological innovation he made a practice of studying day in and day out. At the same time, he made a point of always bringing a positive attitude to his work. He places a premium on ideas.
In daily life he pays attention to the things around him, searching for hints, which he immediately jots down when he finds them.
This constant repetition and the resulting memos have fueled countless improvements in terms of technological enhancements.
He loves it when the people he works with on the production floor say thank you for what he’s had done, an improvement, or let him know that his work has made their lives easier.
He finds joy in knowing that those around him rely on and have high expectations of him.

Yoshio Koide

Master, Manufacturing Division, Hino Plant, Hino Motors, Ltd.

Koide receiving the Medal with Yellow Ribbon (above) and the actual medal and certifi cate

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