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Troubleshooting Expert
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Mr. Toni Andi Tikna

Workshop Manager at PT. Daya Guna Motor Indonesia

Toni Andi Tikna is a troubleshooting expert. The head of the PT. Daya Guna Motor Indonesia (DGMI) workshop in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta, Mr. Toni was born in the same city in 1979. After graduating from a vocational high school specializing in automotive technology he worked as a technician maintaining and repairing cars until 2001. Then from 2001 to 2009 he worked at PT. Sinar Jaya, where he learned from the head of the workshop the necessary technical know-how and expertise as well as the importance of perseverance, maintaining a humble mindset and always continuing to learn. He moved to DGMI in 2009.

The Three Joys of Troubleshooting

Mr. Toni explains that from a young age he aspired from to be a technician because of his love of cars and the fun he finds tinkering with machinery. Since he was a child, he has enjoyed taking apart things and putting them back together. These qualities all made being a technician the perfect fit for him.

He says there are three things about troubleshooting that he finds fun. The first is the joy of solving one difficult puzzle after another. He believes that thoroughly observing, analyzing and understanding things will always lead to the right answer. The second point is having to constantly learn and master new technology as part and parcel of handling vehicles that are changing and improving. The third point he enjoys is being able to directly satisfy the customer through his work.

The customer will be happy for sure.

Mr. Toni believes post-repair follow-up is crucial to satisfy customers. Likewise, he feels providing detailed explanations is key when a breakdown happens or something is off with a vehicle because customers feel uneasy if they don’t know the cause of a problem. In addition, he is of course concerned about the post-repair ride, but places a premium on the satisfaction and peace of mind he can deliver to customers.

Another area that he emphasizes is keeping the workshop clean and well organized. If the workshop is dirty, the facility or tools inadequately maintained, then a technician can’t immediately get to work servicing a vehicle. In addition, dirt or grime on components can also cause accidents or problems with vehicles. But perhaps above all, he believes that if a dirty or disorganized workshop will harm worker motivation and customer trust. “I make sure that the tools we use daily are always in good shape, but I also see that facilities and equipment we don’t use as regularly are also always ready to go,” says Mr. Toni, stressing the importance of a clean and organized workshop.

The Role of the Workshop Head: Training Younger Technicians

A major part of Mr. Toni’s job and his role as head of the workshop is training younger technicians. Currently, he is training 15 younger technicians across a broad-range of topics including the principle mechanics of vehicles, the basics of maintenance and maintenance frequency. The trainees also sing his praises. They say his lessons are logical, objective and easy to understand and that he is also willing to lend an ear, and that his instruction and advice are always spot on.

However, each year troubleshooting is becoming more complex and the skills required more advanced. It is not only that vehicles are being equipped with advanced technology such as electronic control systems and incorporating new materials. There are also always new diagnostic tools being deployed that technicians need to be up to speed on. In Indonesia, there aren’t yet many vehicles on the roads equipped with common-rail fuel injection systems, but their numbers are sure to surge moving forward. As such, staying up to speed with the latest technology and enhancing vehicle-servicing skills are both significant challenges. These are just a few of the many things - from safety management and customer services to increasing operational efficiency - and revenue - that keep Mr. Toni busy.

But amid the challenges of his work, Mr. Toni always remains cool, calm and collected rooted in his firm belief that thoroughly observing, analyzing and understanding a problem will always lead to a solution.

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