The Global Mother Plant of Hino Motors

Koga Plant

The Koga Plant is a mother Plant that supports the global production supply system as a base for Hino's manufacturing and technology development.

In order to establish the Hino brand globally as a manufacturer that customers will choose, and in order for Hino to grow globally and sustainably, it is essential that Hino continues to deliver great products and services in a timely manner.
To that end, Hino provides products with low fuel consumption and low running costs that meet the needs of our customers based on QDR (quality, durability, reliability), which is Hino's strength, with short lead times.
At the same time, Hino will work to strengthen Total Support in order to maximize the operability of those who use our vehicles.
In order to deliver good products to our customers earlier, Hino is working to develop products meeting regional standards with a focus on modularization and global optimization of production and supply systems.
By establishing new technologies and new innovative techniques at its Koga plant, which serves as a mother factory, and deploying these to Hino plants overseas, Hino aims to meet the diverse customer needs that characterize commercial vehicles, and with the shortest lead times.

The Fundamental Concept of the Koga Plant

  • 1

    Responding quickly to production fluctuations with the shortest lead times by modularization and differentiation of delay

  • 2

    Meeting the challenges of innovation, new technology, and new techniques as the global mother factory of Hino Motors

  • 3

    Working to achieve “three kinds of care” for local communities, the environment, and working people


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