HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

Owner's Voice


Thailand/ Serm Suk PCL

Somchai Bulsook
President & CEO

Serm Suk PCL’s core operations involve the production and bottling of Pepsi, Mirinda, 7-up, Crystal water products in Thailand. The company has operated HINO trucks since 1973, with about 1400 units of HINO trucks currently used in company operations.
Mr. Somchai Bulsook, President & CEO, says, “HINO not only offers good products, but faithful service as well. We have not viewed HINO as just one of truck manufacturers and we have a good relationship. While there are manufacturers who seem to care about making a profit only,HINO will sit down with us to decide on which model would be suited for each application. HINO understands the nature of our work very well. We can count on HINO.”