HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

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Costa Rica/ Policía de Tránsito de Costa Rica

Jimmy Salazar
Chief District of the Highway Patrol

Policía de Tránsito de Costa Rica’s primary mission is to reduce the number of traffic accidents. Currently, they operate a total of 33 units of HINO 300 series trucks as towing trucks, primarily in highway patrol operations. “Vehicles on the roads of Costa Rica have become larger and heavier in recent years. So every time an accident occurred, we increasingly felt the need for more powerful trucks to tow these large and heavier vehicles. This is why we chose HINO trucks,” says Mr. Jimmy Salazar, Chief of Highway Patrol. Operator of derricks, Mr. Óscar Mongalo,who actually drives the HINO trucks tells us, “Comfort and easy operation contribute to safe driving. In this respect,there is nothing left to be desired with HINO trucks.”