HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

Owner's Voice


Vietnam/ Phuong Nam Seafood

Lam Ngoc Khuan
Managing Director

Phuong Nam Seafood is an export company that deals in seafood products including shrimps. Mr. Lam Ngoc Khuan, managing director at the company, tells us why the company decided to use HINO trucks. “We feel HINO trucks don’t break down and are very durable. They deliver good fuel economy and this allows us to reduce our transport costs. At first, we considered other makes, but we realized HINO trucks offered the most advantages.” Mr. Le Huy Ngoan, one of the drivers at the company says, “HINO trucks accelerate and decelerate very smoothly.They are very good on uphills. I liked driving trucks to begin with,but I’ve grown fonder of driving since I began driving a HINO.”