HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

Owner's Voice


Lebanon/ DOLSI

Akram Abou Laban

Founded nearly 150 years ago, our company has the longest history amongst major ice cream manufacturers in Lebanon. Wassfi Abou Laban,who currently runs the company jointly with his father Akram Abou Laban,has this to say about HINO trucks: “We chose HINO trucks based on careful evaluation that we conducted after the decision had been made to replace our trucks. In January 2010, we purchased 15 HINO 300 Series trucks. Our decision was based on HINO’s strong reputation and high specifications that surpassed that of the competition. HINO will continue to be a serious contender for our truck purchases owing to the quality of their trucks, and the personal attention and excellent support that our local dealer provides, which is the most important factor for our company.”