HINO, because there are reasons

Owner's Voice


Bahrain/ Al Hassanain Company BSC

Abdul Rasool
GM-Plant & Equipment

Al Hassanain Co. BSC is a construction company with over 30 years of service in the field of land reclamation, marine excavation, and infrastructure development. In Bahrain, they are classified as A+ contractor grade which is top in its class. “We felt that HINO trucks,with their powerful power train, were the best choice for our applications.We currently operate 34 HINO 700 series trucks. The introduction of powerful HINO trucks helped us reduce cycle time due to the increase in load movement frequency. Also with strong after sales support,the downtime of the units was is very low. Indeed, Hino trucks in Bahrain represent excellent value for money for our company,” says Mr. Abdul Rasool .