HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

Owner's Voice


New Zealand/ Garrity Bros 1990 Ltd.

Ian Garrity and Rod Garrity

Founded in 1893, Garrity Bros 1990 Ltd. has a history of over a century transporting stock, grass and maize silage, hay and fertilizer sowing.The company purchased its first HINO truck in 1974. Ian and Rod Garrity are partners in this business. The company currently operates 5 units of HINO 700 and 3 units of HINO 500 series trucks. Rod expresses his satisfaction with HINO trucks, “We like HINO trucks for their low running costs, good quality,durability, and reliability. The local HINO distributor also offers good services.Our parts representative would contact us on a regular basis and the delivery time of genuine parts is excellent.” Ian told us the following heart -warming story,“I courted my wife in a Hino. She would catch the bus from Palmerston North on the Friday and travel back with me on the Sunday doing the calf run to Feilding.”