HINO, because there are reasons to be selected.

Owner's Voice


Singapore/ Hup Meng Transport Service

Tony Chua
Operation Executive

Founded 35 years ago, Hup Meng Transport Service is one of the key companies that provides logistics services in Singapore. The company currently owns four HINO 700 Series trucks. “We were drawn to the power and design of HINO trucks, and started using them 10 years ago. We continue to use these trucks because of their excellent durability, as exemplified in their sturdy frames that can be used for mounting cranes, for example,” says Mr. Tony Chua. “And thanks to the Hino Care Program, we are able to reduce the cost of parts,” describing the benefits of Hino’s after-sale services.“Hino is a highly reliable brand and their trucks generate profit for our company. We look forward to what the future might bring.”