HINO trucks are an important part of our company's performance.

Owner's Voice


Thailand / SSK Logistics Co., Ltd.

Mr. Srisak Lilawitmongkol
Managing Director

"Our company transports freight throughout丁hailand and to other countries such as Laos and Malaysia. The "SSK" in our company name is taken from the first letter in three people's names.
The "S" in the middle is from my name and the other two initials are from the names of people I respect a great deal.

We started the company eight years ago, and before that I had helped out with the construction company my family operated.

My relationship with Hino began when I was at the construction company, so it has been going on for a very long time.
We currently have over 200 trucks and about 90% of those are Hino trucks. All of the trucks are equipped with GPS and we record the fuel consumption and maintenance costs for each truck and so we are always monitoring whether the Hino trucks or another brands are superior. For example, the figures show us that Hino trucks in particular are superior for difficult up and down road conditions.

Almost all of our clients are Japanese companies.
These clients use just—in-time manufacturing control, so we must provide the performance to support this.
We must provide good cost-performance, reliability, services, and quickly respond to requests and problems.

This overall performance is our strength and the main reason we are trusted by many clients. Of course, Hino is undoubtedly an important part of our performance. Our vision for the future includes establishing branch offices in Myanmar and China and increasingly expanding our business opportunities.
To continue toward these goals we need the folks at Hino to continue backing up the performance we provide to our customers."