Our vehicles are also important team members. We are very attached to our Hinos.

Owner's Voice


Indonesia / Graha Citi Trans

Mr. Andrew Arristianto
Director of Operation

"We operate a scheduled shuttle service between Bandung and Jakarta.

I started the company in 2005 with five friends while we were all living in the same dormitory and attending the same university in Bandung. We thought there was an opportunity to start a shuttle bus business when the expressway linking Bandung and Jakarta opened in 2005. At first we purchased four vans and started a shuttle service that ran between Bandung and Jakarta every two hours.

We obtained customers by running small ads in the newspaper, placing fliers in hotels, and having taxi drivers pass out handouts. As customer demand grew, we increased the number of vehicles to 6 and then 12, and now today we have 120. About half of these are made by Hino. We started dealing with Hino in 2009.

The longer the bus chassis, the more riders the bus will hold, and when we told Hino that we would buy their buses if they made the chassis longer for more efficiency, they met our request. We have been able to grow sorapidly during this short time by strongly differentiating ourselves from the competition, using one-person seats that provide some distance from the adjacent seats, being the first in Indonesia to provide seatbelts for all passengers, putting our call center and online system in one location to provide smooth reservation service, and providing power outlets at all seats for charging smart phones among other measures.

We are proud that we continue to make small efforts to improve service that adds up to satisfy our customers. This was made possible by Hino's willingness to meet with our requests and the feedback from our customers. So we are very satisfied with our relationship with Hino Indonesia. And Hino products' quality is continuously enhancing. I hope it continues enhancing into the future."