The reason we continue to purchase Hino products is because, above all else,they are reliable.

Owner's Voice


Indonesia / P.O. Kramat djati

Mr. Agus Budiman

“Our company operates large buses on regular bus routes, and also provides tourist bus and bus charter services.
On the regular bus routes, we provide services between our own bus terminals on Java, Bali, and Sumatra. We currently own 780 buses of which 256 are Hino buses. We also own 18 Hino trucks.

In the past, as there were few bus and truck dealers in Indonesia, we would purchase whatever vehicles that were available at the time regardless of their make. When Hino opened their doors in Indonesia in 1982, we purchased three RK buses. This provided the catalyst for us to purchase 10 more Hino vehicles in 2000.

After a year-long test of these vehicles, we found that Hino vehicles were superior to products from other makes in areas such as reliability, fuel efficiency, and spare part availability. Ever since, almost all of our new vehicle purchases have been from Hino.

Above all else, Hino products are reliable.
The three RKs that we purchased in 1982 are still in operation and can be seen in fine form on the streets of Jakarta.
When we think of our customers, riding comfort is a critical factor in our choice of vehicles as we operate regular longdistance bus routes with travel hours extending up to 31 hours. In this respect, the Rear Engine Bus Series offer excellent riding comfort and are popular among our customers.

Also, because Hino vehicles have a longer chassis, we are able to equip the buses with two extra seats compared to buses from other makes, and this is another crucial factor that contributes to our profitability. The engines on Hino vehicles are also very robust, requiring less manpower for maintenance, which in turn leads to reduced operation costs and down times.
Hino dealers provide support through maintenance programs, and also give us assistance with gathering marketing information.
They have also invited us to seminars held in Japan, which we recall fondly as being very meaningful experiences.”