We trust Hino trucks to transport valuable high technology products and racehorses.

Owner's Voice


Hong Kong /
Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited

Mr. Law Wai Luen
Managing Director

Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited provides supply chain and logistic arrangement between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Its key clients include many sizeable Japanese corporations as their designated transportation service providers for high technology products in Hong Kong. To meet the stringent standard of delivering high technology products, Yue Lee is required to upgrade its fleet constantly. Early this year, it purchased 2 units of all-new HINO700 Series Euro5 tractors, further enhancing its services to cater the need of its customers.

Mr. Law Wai Luen, Managing Director of Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited said, “Our confidence in Hino products comes from the stupendous experiences in using Hino products in our business. Thanks to the durability of Hino trucks, it helps us to maintain a significantly low maintenance and operational costs.” Mr. Law continued, “Over 80-90% of our customers are Japanese companies, and they have strict requirements on the fleet standard. Hino, as a well-known brand with exceptional quality, can fulfill their needs. It explains why they also request us to use Hino truck.”

Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited has been engaged in professional transportation services for high technology products, including electronic parts, precision glasses and medical equipment.
Further, it has also been appointed by Hong Kong Jockey Club to deliver one of the most money making animals, race horses, between Hong Kong and Mainland China. As such, the requirement to fleet equipment is much more rigorous than any other. In order to maintain its competitiveness in transporting valuable products, Mr. Law purchased new HINO700 Series Euro5 tractors, which are well equipped with air suspension system and automated manual transmission. The driving stability of a tractor provided by its shock absorbers is extremely crucial for transporting valuable products such as high technology products and race horses. The new model of Hino can satisfy the needs of both.

An experienced driver Mr. Man from Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited believes that reliability is the fundamental value of Hino trucks.
With all-new automated manual transmission of HINO700, he can now drive in ease. He remarks, “I can now concentrate on the road condition to ensure safety while I still feel energized after driving for all day long.”

The case of Yue Lee Supply Chain Limited is a solid demonstration that Hino is a people-oriented company, providing a lot of outstanding values such as safety, comfort and reliability all in one to its customers.