Hino trucks are a great help in our efforts to take on these challenges.

Owner's Voice


Indonesia / PT Bintang Baru Raya

Mr. Tata Djuarsa
Director of Business Development
& Strategic Planning

Our company was founded in September 2005 with its core business being in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) area. Everyday, we transport huge volumes of items that consumers use on a daily basis, such as dairy products, toiletries, sugar, and coffee. The number of orders we receive monthly is around 3,500, and sometimes up to 3,700, reaching a total of over 42,000 orders per year.

We currently operate around 250 trucks and about 95% of them are HINO500 Series FL. We used to operate trucks from other manufacturers as well, but we decided to purchase Hino trucks for their greater availability. The Indonesian transport industry is currently growing very rapidly. Based on this kind of market expansion and our business plans, we occasionally find ourselves in the position of needing to purchase 100 trucks within a single year.

In this respect, we have full confidence in Hino because the company delivers the trucks according to our schedule. Another big reason we continue to operate Hino trucks is because they are easy to maintain. Having a large fleet of Hino trucks will make things more manageable for our mechanics, and we can also consolidate our stock of spare parts for greater efficiency. Of course, these aren’t the only reasons we continue to operate Hino trucks.

The HINO500 Series FL’s chassis is long so it gives us greater loading capacity. The more payload we are able to carry efficiently, the more we can keep our unit costs down. These cost savings are a very important part of our client services. And because transport costs are ultimately reflected in the price of the product, this will also benefit the end users that our clients serve. Our challenge is to respond to our clients' needs in as sincere a way as possible through cost effectiveness and better service levels. Hino trucks are a great help in our efforts to take on these challenges.