Comments from Hino Monitor Customers.

Owner's Voice



Mr. Carlos Aliaga Falcon
General Manager


Mr. Edwin Pomad
Driver at AFCOM

“We at AFCOM are engaged in the business of transporting ore and other materials. We currently operate about 12 trucks but we were always interested in checking out other trucks if there were models more suitable than the brand we currently operate. However, we heard from other companies in the mining sector that they have not had favorable results testing other brands, so we continued to operate the same brand of trucks for 12 years without testing other brands. And then one day we were approached by Hino, who essentially said ‘We make good trucks, and we can make them even better with your help and feedback.’ Hino was placing importance on feedback from the mining fields.

When we heard it, we thought that we might be able to work together to make a better truck, not only for our company but also for other companies in the mining industry. We also thought that Hino brand, which is one of the Toyota group companies, would be reliable. Hino also treated us as a valuable client. During the time we tested their products, they valued close interactions with people in the field and incorporated their feedback. I was impressed by the attitude of working towards making a better product through cooperation.

Having actually tested Hino’s mining trucks, we realize how great their performance is. Of particular note is that their trucks have better fuel efficiency than the trucks we currently operate. This is an advantage that directly reflects on our profitability. The way the truck’s speed is controlled is another area in which Hino excels. Although we have been unfortunately unable to test the trucks in mining tunnels because of height restrictions, the trucks have performed very well in above-ground tests, and we are very happy with their performance.

We are currently engaged in talks to close a contract on an open pit copper mine, and because operations at this mine will be 100% above-ground, truck height will not be an issue. If we close this contract, we are definitely hoping to buy Hino mining trucks. Having said that, we expect that they will be addressing the truck height issue based on feedback from this latest test.”

Mr. Edwin Pomad / Driver at AFCOM
“We tested Hino’s mining truck HINO700 Series ZS 6x4 for 4 days. It has ample power, gearchanging was smooth, and it was very comfortable to drive.”