We think Hino trucks are the best.

Owner's Voice


Egypt / Holding Company
for Water & Waste Water

Mr. Ahmed El Hussieny
General Manager of Fleet

“Our company provides water and sewerage services in Egypt, and our branch here in Alexandria primarily offers two types of services. The first is our sewage disposal service, in which we transport sewage to our processing plant where it is purified to an environmentally safe state and then disposed of in the desert. Our second service involves purifying water and then supplying this water to Alexandria’s water system. We operate over 400 vehicles in Alexandria branch alone to support these major operations. We currently operate 22 Hino vehicles, the model year of 20 of which is 1983 and are still operating at the forefront of our services. Having operated these trucks since 1983, we became confident that these trucks are very durable and reliable, especially that our business has a very tough nature that not any truck can bear.

One of the main points we like about Hino vehicles is the support of their distributor in Egypt ‘ALJICO Misr’, they are always keen to exceed the expectations of their customers, where we just had a case of repair due to misuse but they repaired the vehicle at their own charge as a form of customer satisfaction, as they consider us one of their important customers.

Another main point is that their spare parts are very reliable. In some cases, some parts made in Egypt are readily available, but may not be very reliable. In contrast to this, we have had no problems with Hino parts as there are no fakes, and all of them are 100% genuine.

We operate a broad range of vehicles including vacuum and tank trucks, buses for transporting personnel, and pickup trucks for inspection and maintenance services. As such, we operate our own service center and are constantly looking for ways to reduce down-times and maintenance costs. It is precisely for this reason that we are particularly conscious of the quality and cost of our spare parts. Hino’s genuine parts are priced reasonably, available when we need them, and are very tough and durable. Having said that, Hino trucks themselves are very durable to begin with, so these parts can go without replacement for long periods of time and this helps us reduce our maintenance costs. We think Hino trucks are the best.”