We choose Hino as our long term partner.

Owner's Voice


HongKong / Crown Fine Art

Ms. Sherry Liu
General Manager, Crown Renovation

With a commitment to providing consistent high quality service throughout its global network of 265 offices, Crown Worldwide, the world’s largest privately held group of international relocation and logistics services has been using Hino products for more than two decades in Hong Kong. Hino’s vehicles and services help fulfil the company’s core values of delighting their customers and positively impacting local communities with sustainable business practices.

Ms. Sherry Liu, General Manager, Crown Relocations said, “HINO300 Series trucks with Euro V emissions standard are nvironmentally friendly, and helping to improve air quality in Hong Kong is very important to us. In addition they are durable vehicles that are cost effective and safe. Safety and security are both very crucial to us, especially to our Fine Art business.”

Crown Fine Art is one of the company’s core businesses in Hong Kong. It provides dedicated services to museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors. It offers expert assistance and the care and commitment required to handle the world’s most precious objects.

“The body of trucks for Crown Fine Art has to be custom made. In a dynamic high rise city like Hong Kong, we have to ensure the height of the trucks is compatible to car parks in the Central area or residences on the Peak, where the company has to go often for delivery. The air suspension on our Hino trucks also allows us to transport art pieces from the airport to the client in a safe way. Attention to detail is critical when we deliver our client’s priceless art.” Ms. Liu added.

Commenting on the daily operations of the company, Mr. Michael Wan, Deputy General Manager, Crown Renovation said, “We always demand quick responses from Hino. We wanted to have a short turnaround time after deciding to purchase a Hino vehicle.”

Being efficient is essential when working with Crown Worldwide. They believe working with a quality product and service provider gives them the means to provide better service to their customers. Caring for customers has always been one of the company’s core values. “The costs saved by using Hino vehicles allow us to transfer the benefits to our customers. We are able to provide them with better service but also at a lower cost.”
Ms. Sherry Liu, added. “That is one of the reasons why we have chosen Hino as our long term partner.”