I believe Hino trucks are superior.

Owner's Voice


Singapore / Kim Soon Lee PTE LTD.

Mr. Lim Chai Kiui

Singapore / Kim Soon Lee PTE LTD.

Mr. Joseph Lim Gim Yaw
Managing Director

Mr. Lim Chai Kiui / Chairman
“In line with our motto ‘One-stop Transportation & Moving Services, we provide a wide range of transport-related services to meet all of our customers’ needs. We launched our company in 1967 with only one unit of 1.5-ton truck. We hired drivers, but I also had to drive at times to keep the small fledgling company afloat. I also took care of all other tasks including customer service and accounting.
Although I was not a mechanic, over the years, I can finally grasp the condition of the truck going just by its sound. I can still do it even today.

Forty-six years after I started our company, we now operate a fleet of 260 trucks. We have three centers in Singapore and hire over 220 people. Our customers include many foreign and domestic building companies. We transport surface- and air-shipped goods, as well as making short runs between different warehouses and factories. The scope of our operations isn’t limited to the transport of goods, but also includes services where we fulfill a range of logistical needs including transport-out, transport-in, disassembly, nstallation, packing, and warehousing.”

Mr. Joseph Lim Gim Yaw / Managing Director
“We purchased our first Hino truck in around 1991. Since Hino was part of the Toyota family of brands, we reasoned that the products must be just as good as the Toyota products were. We operated a variety of Japan-made trucks prior to that, but I believe Hino trucks are superior. I think Hino trucks will be more popular if their prices can come down from where they are now. Trucks we purchase come with a warranty package so we turn to our Hino dealer for regular maintenance work, which is performed at 1,000km, 5,000km, and 10,000km. We also want our mechanics to learn more about Hino trucks. Hino trucks are durable to begin with, but we are doing our part to extend their operable life as long as possible.”