Not a single repair needed for our Hino trucks in four years.

Owner's Voice


Egypt / Egyptian International Co.
For Food Industries (AMERICANA)

Mr. Amr Kandil
General Manager

“Our company transports all of the necessary supplies throughout Egypt for restaurants such as Pizza Hut, KFC, TGI Friday’s, and Hardee’s. We currently operate seven Hino trucks, four of which are freezer trucks and three for transporting dry goods. We have been using Hino trucks for four years now, but we knew of the Hino brand from even earlier because it is a famous and trusted brand in Egypt. At that time we needed new trucks, and our Hino dealer happened to be doing a promotion.

The price was very attractive so we purchased two Hino trucks. Based on what we have seen so far, we are very satisfied with these trucks and consider these trucks to be excellent products. Recognizing the reliability of these trucks, we purchased more of them.
We operate trucks from other brands, a number of which have required multiple repairs, but none of the Hino trucks purchased in the same year have needed a single repair so far.

They are very durable. Hino has service centers in Cairo and Alexandria, and — conveniently for us — one of them is about 15 minutes away. We have our trucks serviced there periodically to keep them in good working condition, and we have confidence in the staff at the service center.

They are all very professional, and our operation staff are also very satisfied with their experiences at the service center. The technical team excel in what they do and they work fast. This is important because we want to minimize downtime as much as possible. Thanks to the service center we haven’t had any problems with the trucks or their engines. Over the past four years, our Hino trucks have delivered excellent fuel efficiency and we use them to transport goods all over Egypt.”