Hino trucks are a perfect match for our needs.

Owner's Voice


Israel / Match Retail

Mr. Zafrir Ronen
Chief of Operations

Israel / Match Retail

Mr. Alexsander Vilkin
Distribution Driver

Mr. Zafrir Ronen / Chief of Operations
“Match Retail is the only company in Israel that is responsible for the distribution of H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) fashion brand products. When we opened our first logistics center in 2010, we were looking for a small and reliable urban-use truck for transporting the products. Hino had just launched their first truck in Israel in 2010, and we purchased a HINO300 Series truck as our first truck. At the time, there were only three H&M stores. Two years later in 2012, the number of stores had grown to 11, and because we knew first-hand of the great performance of Hino trucks, we expanded our fleet of Hino trucks to seven. These trucks correspond to our needs perfectly.
They are not easily broken and are very reliable. They are very fuel efficient so this has enabled us to reduce our costs and improve our profitability. Furthermore, Union Motors, our Hino dealership, is staffed with great people and is well regarded as a reliable brand in the commercial vehicle market. Their service is excellent and they work fast. We get all the support we need in terms of any questions or problems we have with our trucks. They also offer 24-hour road service so we have the peace of mind of operating our trucks any time of day. Our satisfaction with Union Motors’ services is another big reason why we decided to add more Hino trucks to our fleet.”

Mr. Alexsander Vilkin / Distribution Driver
“I’ve been driving Hino trucks since 2010, and their new model since 2012. The new model comes with a bigger cabin and its seats are more comfortable. The trucks are very mobile so they are easy to drive even on narrow city roads. I remember one day when I was driving a new Hino truck, I saw a person on a motorcycle waving me to stop. Thinking that he might be a policeman, I pulled over. It turns out that he wasn’t a policeman but someone who had been driving Hino trucks in Japan a decade earlier. He wanted to tell me that he was very happy to see that Hino had finally launched trucks in Israel, and was very excited to relate his story to me. That was a very heart-warming encounter for me.”