Hino trucks are just great products.

Owner's Voice


Yemen / Yemen Petroleum Company

Mr. Abdullah al Masibi
Manager of Sales

Yemen / Yemen Petroleum Company

Mr. Salah Hotam
Distribution Driver

Mr. Abdullah al Masibi / Manager of Sales

“We’re in charge of the marketing and distribution of petroleum products in various regions under the administrative agency responsible for Yemen’s oil and mineral resources. We own 13 centers and nine oil plants, and also manage governorate plants in several locations, including Sana’a. We purchased 10 trucks of HINO500 Series two years ago, and subsequently added eight more for our capital city operations. Hino trucks are simply great products. We like how their electrical system isn’t overly complicated. They provide storage areas for items that drivers need, and their cabins are comfortable.

We also have a great relationship with the Toyota dealership where we purchased our Hino trucks. Everything from communication to services and after-sale service is excellent. The most important thing for us is our relationship with our dealer. We haven’t had a single problem to date—neither with our trucks nor with their services. Our drivers are also very happy, and we haven’t heard a single complaint from them regarding Hino trucks. I look forward to a great ongoing relationship with Hino. Needless to say, we have plans to add more Hino trucks to our fleet.”

Mr. Salah Hotam / Distribution Driver
“Our team is in charge of the urban areas of Sana’a, and we drive about 80,000km per year. Hino has been a well-known name in Yemen for about 40 years now. We’ve known about Hino trucks since the ‘70s, and I think they’re great trucks in every respect. They’re comfortable to drive, and even the trim textile is perfect.”