I look forward to Hino establishing its position as the top name in bus brands.

Owner's Voice


Ozone, Morocco

Mr. Aziz Badraoui

Founded in 2010, Ozone operates in 25 areas across Morocco and employs more than 3,200 people today. When Ozone purchased their first Hino in 2011, Ozone chose 3.5- and 5.5-ton of Hino trucks.
Ozone later began to acquire 8.5-ton Hino trucks as well, and within a few months Ozone’s fleet of Hino trucks grew to reach its present number of nearly 30 vehicles out of a total fleet of 500 trucks. In fact, Ozone no longer considers any other manufacturers to equip it with 3.5- to 8.5-tons trucks.

Peerless Advantages

There are convincing arguments in favor of Hino trucks:
“The 3.5- and 5.5-ton Hino trucks are highly efficient in narrow areas, which are inaccessible to big trucks, such as in the Medina of Fez where we operate,” observes Mr. Aziz Badraoui, CEO of Ozone.
The 8.5-ton Hino trucks also have their advantages: “An 8.5-ton Hino truck can carry 5 to 6 cubic meters of waste. Their capacity is impressive.”

Mr. Badraoui’s praise can be attributed to the robustness of Hino trucks. Aside from their ability to carry heavy loads, Hino trucks have proven their reliability when confronted with many other challenges: “Our trucks are usually subjected to extreme conditions. They operate on uneven ground and are used intensely with little downtime. However even under these trying conditions, Hino products remain highly efficient.”
Mr. Badraoui holds up Hino trucks’ remarkably sturdy gearbox as an example: Ozone hasn’t replaced a single gearbox in any of its Hino trucks for three years.

Design isn’t left behind!

In addition to their robustness, Hino products stand out in their visual appearance. “Design might seem a secondary aspect for waste collection trucks,” Mr. Badrui observes. “But when we bid for service contracts, every element is vital to ensuring success. And when we highlight Hino trucks’ visual appearance in our bids, it definitely weighs in our favor.”

Hino: The True Meaning of Customer Service

As much as robustness and design may be important to a truck’s capabilities, they aren’t guarantees of customer loyalty. What has kept Ozone loyal to the Hino brand has been the quality of its service. According to Mr. Badraoui, “We’re very happy with the trucks’ delivery conditions, and we also appreciate the availability and delivery conditions for the spare parts. Our maintenance contract with our local Hino dealer provides us gives us optimal cost advantage and good service at Hino’s service sites across Morocco.” Ozone mechanics also benefit from service training provided by Hino dealers, allowing Ozone to maintain its vehicles in top condition. Ozone also receives safety driving and eco-driving technique trainings from the local Hino dealer. All of these training programs leads to fuel and tire cost optimization.

Boosted Competitiveness

Hino’s strengths offer Ozone a significant competitive advantage:
“These vehicles allow us to optimize our purchasing and operating costs, which both strengthens our bid competitiveness and ensures client satisfaction,” Mr. Badraoui says. “In fact, the advantage we get from Hino trucks is so significant that it singlehandedly explains our success in some bids.” In summary, he says, “Hino is the secret of our success.”

There’s little doubt that this success has aroused envy among Ozone’s competitors, and some of them have already imitated Ozone’s recipe by converting to Hino trucks. But Mr. Badraoui doesn’t seem to mind:
“That’s a good thing for Hino, because it’s an outstanding brand and it deserves all the success it gets.”