Hino trucks are the preferred truck to drive.

Owner's Voice


Sleep Country, Canada

Mr. Dave Atkinson
Operations Manager, Eastern Canada

“Road service calls are close to nonexistent for our fleet of Hino trucks. In addition to the negligible number of service calls, the trucks have superior fuel economy and reliability.

“Sleep Country exclusively uses Hino trucks, and has purchased over 40 conventional cab Hino trucks nationally. I love these trucks, and I’ve standardized the entire fleet on both sides of the border.

“Following recent truck purchases for the Western regional office, the drivers were initially unfamiliar with the new Hino products.
Now they are the preferred truck to drive. From a safety standpoint, our drivers report that there are few blind spots thanks to the cab’s panoramic view, and the driver’s seat is comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate all body types.

“I’m confident that our national fleet of Hino trucks is the perfect choice for Sleep Country’s business needs. I would be proud to recommend Hino to anyone.”