To us, Hino symbolizes growth.

Owner's Voice


Toscano’s Cargo Express, Peru

Mr. Marco Toscano
Chairman of the Board

Toscano’s Cargo Express, Peru

Mr. Gerardo Toscano
General Manager

“Our father was involved in the overland transport business, and he would visit a number of locations across the country to supervise his drivers. He often took me along for these trips. If I got bad grades at school, my punishment would be to repair trucks.

“Perhaps it was my father’s influence, but I determined that I wanted to run a transport business, and studied at the IPAE School of Business. I started my own company by hiring five drivers and purchasing second-hand trucks. And in 2006, we were finally able to purchase a Hino truck.

“The Hino trucks have been revolutionary for us. The extra space at the back of the cabin is really very practical, and it also allows drivers to recline their seats to take a break. This kind of wellthought-out function is what makes these trucks so easy to use.

“To us, Hino symbolizes growth: Hino gave our business its first opportunity for dramatic growth.”

“As a company that operates a land transport and logistics business, we deliver corporate and consumer products from Lima to every corner of Peru.

“Our company was founded 14 years ago, and we currently own fifty-five 500 Series and three 300 Series trucks, for a total of 58 Hino trucks. In 2006, we were offered a strategic alliance by our Mitsui dealer, and we purchased the first Hino truck sold in Peru. This truck is still going strong today with its original engine and 750,000 kilometers on the odometer. “We are very happy with Hino trucks’ solid gas mileage, as this allows us to reduce our costs. These are very efficient machines.

“We also receive great service from our Mitsui dealer. The staff always interact with us as an important customer, and their parts and services are always on time.

“Mitsui always gives us efficient and quick service because they understand how important customer service is in our business. At times, they complete in a matter of hours tasks that might take several days at other dealers.”