I intend to recommend Hino to people at other companies I know—but not to our competitors!

Owner's Voice


La Criolla,Pastas & Panificados,Paraguay

Mr. Nelson Medina Cantero
Managing Director

Our history goes back to when we opened a small fast-food restaurant 24 years ago. Thanks to our customers, our business has grown, and we now operate a bakery business as well.

A critical element of the bakery business is product logistics. This is because we can only say we provide great-tasting products by delivering those products on time. And reliable trucks are indispensable to logistics.

Over the years, we’ve had problems with trucks breaking down during deliveries. This was because we were using secondhand trucks. One day, we received an offer to purchase Hino trucks at a favorable price, but they were still more expensive than trucks from other makers. However, since we were on the lookout for good-performing trucks even if they were more expensive, we decided to purchase one and see how it worked out.

That was two years ago. After using the truck for a little while, we realized the quality of Hino trucks was head and shoulders above other makers. We were very surprised. The trucks are reliable even on rough road surfaces, and are also very easy to drive in the city. They even offer better gas mileage than other brands.

We wasted no time in replacing four other trucks in our fleet with Hino vehicles. We currently own five Hino 511s and have plans to purchase our sixth. Moving forward, we hope to replace our entire fleet with Hino trucks.

We also receive outstanding and friendly after-sale service from Toyotoshi S.A. These trucks are made to last, so we haven’t had to pay any extra maintenance costs. But if needed, we can rest assured that our maintenance schedule will be met thanks to their maintenance reservation system.

I intend to recommend Hino to people at other companies I know—but not to our competitors! (laughs)