Hino vehicles are sturdy and robust, so overall maintenance costs are lower than with other makers.

Owner's Voice


YONG GROUP, Thailand

Mr. Sunpetch Slisatakorn
Managing Director

“In addition to running four home hardware centers, we also manufacture and sell precast concrete products. Our home hardware centers offer everything having to do with people’s homes, from building materials and facilities to appliances. Customers can find everything they need to build their homes here—you can actually construct an entire building with all the products we make at our factories.

“In order to run this type of business, we need a large number of vehicles to transport materials and merchandise. We own a total of more than 100 vehicles, including dump trucks—which make up the largest category— and heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks, as well as trailers.

“Ninety-nine percent of our medium-duty trucks are Hino trucks. They are truly very reliable as they are both sturdy and robust. Hino trucks are also easy to service, and their genuine parts last a long time. As a result, overall maintenance costs are lower than with other makers.

“When our drivers deliver materials to our customers’ sites and interact with them, they must be able to do so in the proper way. They are not simply drivers but fill the role of sales reps as well, so we put an emphasis on raising the awareness of each and every employee. We also make sure the drivers have a sense of ownership of the trucks they drive—for example, by keeping them clean and washed at all times so that they are presentable to our customers.

“Our drivers have taken part in the Hino Smart Driver (TPRO) training program organized by Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd. It goes without saying that it would be difficult to have all of our drivers take part in the program, so we occasionally invite lecturers from Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd. to hold training sessions on our premises. At our company, drivers who hit their monthly fuel consumption targets are paid bonuses or given promotions. Drivers who go without an accident for a year also receive a bonus.”