They have speed and power, yet they’re fuel efficient. Their good looks are a plus as well.

Owner's Voice


Derhim Industrial Company Ltd., Yemen

Mr. Ali Abdul Latif Nasher
Finance Manager

Derhim Industrial Company Ltd., Yemen

Mr. Mohammad Ahmad

“We’re the largest beverage manufacturer in Yemen, manufacturing carbonated beverages and fruit juices among other products. We transport our products ourselves, and operate trucks from a range of brands, including Hino.

We currently own 11 HINO500 Series trucks. We own vehicles of other manufacturers as well, but we’re in the process of adding more Hino trucks. Hino is very popular in Yemen, and we’ve been using their vehicles since 2010.

Hino trucks are simply the best: They perform wonderfully on the road. They have speed and power, yet they’re fuel efficient. Their good looks are a plus as well. We’ve never had overheating problems even on mountain roads—one of the reasons we have a great deal of confidence in them.

Their loading capacity is more than sufficient. This is just my personal impression, but I get the feeling they perform better under heavy loads than when loaded lightly. These trucks don’t break down, and they’re a powerful part of our workforce. We have a great relationship with our Hino dealership, and we’re very happy with their services. We intend to increase the number of Hino trucks in our fleet moving forward. We’d like to order a HINO700 Series truck as well. They’re a bit pricey, but I’m sure we’ll get what we pay for.”

“I’ve been driving trucks for 31 years now. My route takes me to several cities over a period of several days, so you could call it a ‘tour’ in a way.

I go on about three tours a week, or roughly 120 tours in a year. I’m very fond of the Hino trucks that I use on these tours. They’re beautiful to look at and work very well. I haven’t had any major problems to date.

My tours frequently take me over mountain routes where I have to brake often, so the brakes wear relatively quickly. We replace the clutch about twice a year, so you can see that I drive a lot. The clutch is expensive, but I believe the trucks’ performance is worth it. And when something needs repairing, we have the peace of mind of knowing that our Hino dealership will take care of the repairs.”