I’m not running this business alone, but moving forward together with Hino.

Owner's Voice


Kittipat Concrete Company Limited,

Mr. Ekachai Nitikornwarakul

“I’ve been using Hino trucks since the days when I ran a sugar cane farm. However, due to a combination of labor shortages and the small size of my individual fields making it impossible to use large harvesting machinery, I reluctantly decided to downsize my farm.

“As a result, I had to find other uses for the Hino trucks I owned. I spoke with a representative at our Hino dealer, Hino Kanchanaburi, regarding how I might make good use of them.

“They advised me that, based on their market research, it might be a good idea to start a concrete company. And this is how our company came to be.

“We refitted our older vehicles as mixer trucks and purchased new ones as well. We were also able to acquire a contract for a large-scale project, and thanks to all of this, our cement business is growing rapidly. It’s going steady, and we’re making a profit.

“Our relationship with Hino Kanchanaburi goes beyond that of a business partner. I never dreamed they would give me an idea for a new business and even offer hands-on support in launching the company. I now tell people I know that they’re my top business consultant.

“We receive sincere and reliable support from Hino Kanchanaburi. I’ve often had the feeling that I’m not running this business alone, but moving forward together with Hino Kanchanaburi.”