We began purchasing Hino buses based on what we heard from other companies.

Owner's Voice


PO Restu, Indonesia

Mr. Christian Hadi Wijaya

“Our company operates long-distance buses. We offer a daily round-trip route between Malang and Surabaya, the second-largest city in Indonesia, located on East Java. The longest daily route traveled by our buses is 620 kilometers round-trip. Our company started out with just one bus in 1985, and we have grown to the point where we currently operate over 200 vehicles counting the Hino buses alone.

“We first began purchasing Hino buses around 1990. We made our purchase based on what we had been hearing from another bus company: that they were sturdy and reliable machines.

“We first purchased four Hinos. We were very happy with how easy they were to maintain and the support we got from our dealer, so we’ve been purchasing Hinos ever since.

“Our dealer provides us with services that go beyond the regular scope of support. Let me give you an example: There was one instance when we were in urgent need of a certain part—a part that was not available in East Java. The dealer then sent someone to Jakarta to get the part for us. Thanks to these kinds of experiences, we’ve been patronizing Hino for 25 years.”